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10 big signals suggest you’ve been single for too long

10 big signals suggest you’ve been single for too long

10 big signals suggest you’ve been single for too long

Too long a single life can have very bad results, and it’s not just your body that is affected.

If you are solo for too long, you may even lose your game qualification and finally make yourself a mutant creature-for example, a Frankenstein who looks like Brad Pitt.

  If you are single and have been dating repeatedly, then find out why.

Here are ten signals to prove that your single years are too long.

  The tenth big signal: Apparently abandoning you is the most obvious, because you don’t even remember the day of Valentine’s Day.

On February 14th, you have no idea what the situation is, and you do n’t understand why the red roses suddenly flooded the street.

Valentine’s Day is a precise ruler for verifying single status, because we need girls the most on this day.

If you were wearing sophomore bib pants last Valentine’s Day, then you really need to review your romantic skills. Your single years are really too long.

  Another manifestation of being abandoned by dating is to use old romantic comedies as your inspiration for dating.

If people are laughing when you use those tricks, it also indicates that you have a problem.

  The ninth big signal: Life without the opposite sex. You not only do not have a date, you do not usually associate with the opposite sex, nor do you have a female friend.

Female colleagues are even hiding from you, and friends are no longer with certain women. They either feel embarrassed or think you will not contribute to this topic.

  If the only woman you come in contact with is your mother, then your current situation really needs to change.

The long-term effects of motherhood can be quite harmful, especially for older bachelors, where you can accidentally or unintentionally cite women and moms you meet.

If your ideal subject is wearing a large floral shirt and curling 70s curls, it will help you to quilt at night . hurry up and see a psychiatrist.

  The eighth big signal: Despair is bad, and despair is even worse.

There is flour to grind, and despair is like a giant mutant octopus, lingering in your head.

Wanting an email mail order bride is an extreme example of this.

No matter what you think, it’s not romantic at all.

  There are, of course, other potentials.

Take the inflatable doll as your partner.

You should clearly realize that you cannot continue this way.

  The seventh big signal: Disregarding the influence of etiquette women makes men look more literate.

If such an influence, the taste of a man will gradually disappear like an asteroid strayed into a black hole.

  First, you will be disheveled.

Then, table manners are left behind.

Soon, your food will look like a pig, gobble it, use it with your hands and feet, and snoring and farting.

When working with a female colleague, you tickle the crotch of your pants with both hands, regardless of time and place, and arrange your underwear in public.

This will make any opposite sex discourage you.

  Sixth big signal: Addicted to pornography and admit that your greatest entertainment is pornography.

In sex shops and adult audio and video stores, you have upgraded to VIP customers, and the new arrivals will be reserved for you as a “big customer”.

If you think of a porn star as Hillary Swank, an actress like Kate Winslet, this is also a manifestation of your addiction to porn.

  It’s time to adjust your preferences.

When pornographic entertainment erodes all your leisure, its effects are dangerous.

  Fifth big signal: Expecting technology, you have given up the idea of finding a real woman as a partner, hoping that the world’s advanced science and technology can bring you one.

You are interested in every development in the field of bioengineering.

In fact, have you drawn too many blueprints yourself on a napkin?

  You may have made this secret wish, but it is usually hidden in the subconscious.Be sure to change this thinking, it is unhealthy.

  The fourth big signal: People think you are homosexual. You never stay with a lady, and you do n’t show recognition. They think you have a different sexual orientation.

You probably found out that your good friend started to go out with his gay cousin, and people always leave you two alone.

  Don’t jump wildly, don’t try to talk about it.

Now that you spend all your time with friends instead of dating women, what do you expect from others?

  The third big signal: It’s unfortunate to always think too much. The addiction to pornography makes you live in the imagination that all women love you.

Every ordinary contact with the opposite sex is given special meaning by you.

  The waiter at the car restaurant handed you the burger and fries and said, “I wish you happy.

“You heard:” I want you now.

“When the girl in the elevator glanced at the rice dregs on your lips, you thought it was a passionate gaze of soul communication, and immediately began fantasizing about the erotic scenes in the closet.

  Every friendly gesture and polite nod will make you feel loved, it seems that you have a winning hand each round.

However, look at the ace in your hand, it’s just Zhang XiaoJ.

  The second big signal: Shyness in front of women. Why don’t you associate with women. The best explanation is that you don’t know how to be in front of them.

When you look at the women and they find your gaze, you feel that you are not pleasing them, but you are arousing them (another bad influence of addiction to pornography).

When you just got along with a girl, you ended up with this relationship in some outrageous ways, such as giving her tight underwear on the third date (you are too outdated to forget that the relationship is normalstep).

  If that’s not outrageous enough, you start treating your girl harshly.

In front of friends, you pretend to be cool with women just to prove to other men that you don’t care about these little girls.

  If you do it again and again, true despair will fall on you.

  The first big signal: Another bad effect you find that all women have problems with being single for too long is being too picky.

You can find faults in every woman around you, and in fact most of your criticisms have no real basis.

On the most beautiful women, you can also pick faults: irregular teeth, too large pores, too sharp noses, too thin elbows . maybe you have the illusion that you are a senior critic.

It is impossible that you are afraid of pursuing women, so use these finicky picks as an excuse.